About Us

How We Came To Be

In January 2022, the School Librarian Learning Network began as a website. It was designed as a "landing page" for school librarians from all over. We attempt to provide links to resources that school librarians will find helpful. It's a completely volunteer effort, created and maintained by Steve Tetreault.

This website began with an idea and a conversation.

The Concept:

Multiple state school librarian organizations and/or their chapters work together to create online professional development opportunities on a rotating basis that can be presented and shared by members from all the states.


  • Increase the number of learning opportunities for members

  • Make it easier for each state to create learning opportunities by reducing the amount of preparation needed by each state

  • Increase cooperation between state organizations

  • Help members connect across state lines

  • Help members see issues from the point of view of colleagues in different places

  • Providing a variety of perspectives on topics of interest

  • Create a “bank” of recorded online learning that members can reference at will (though live sessions will hopefully be the main avenue of access)

The School Librarian Learning Network began when Steve Tetreault wondered, "What if school librarian organizations worked together to offer members from all over the opportunity to learn with, and from, each other?"

In November 2021, Steve reached out to Amanda Jones, K.C. Boyd, and Courtney Pentland to start a coalition of state organizations and school library leaders.

Their ideas resulted in this website, and its first virtual learning offerings, at the beginning of 2022.

The School Librarian Learning Network is open to all school librarians and their organizations.

We hope you will find our site a helpful "launch pad" for expanding school librarian knowledge!

School Library Partner Organizations

We welcome all School Library organizations to join us! Reach out and let us know that you'd like to share your events, and we'll post them for easy viewing by folks in other places. We're also happy to help coordinate sharing with our partners!